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“End of year wrap up & an update going into 2022”

2021 is almost over, it’s been too long since we have posted something in our blog, it’s has been an amazing yet challenging year for us in ways we couldn’t even imagine. The continuation of love & support we receive & continue to receive from our customers, re-sellers, friends, families & followers has helped us get to where we are today, for this we are forever thankful & grateful.

Massive changes have happened behind the scenes over the last 2 years with re-shuffling, these changes have allowed us to grow to a level we didn’t expect, we have been able to expand our R&D experience & knowledge into manufacturing chemicals we didn’t even consider back in 2018/19.

At times this year we got absolutely swamped with demand that outstripped our supply. Many days we were working 20hrs straight to ensure we kept the bottles flowing off our filling machines & that orders where being shipped out in a reasonable timeframe.

With the continuing growth & success of our brand, products & as a company, we have been able to get our Potions over the pond into the America. We are proud to say that our very good friends over at Parks Car Care are now distributing & shipping our Potions all over America & Canada alongside shipping to most countries around the world (something we have not been able do in Australia & puts Australian made car care products on the global map).

Having our Potions available in  America is something that we are absolutely humbled about & we want to truly thank the amazing people that helped us reach that massive milestone. Good things are in motion & theirs good chance you may see our Potions in other parts of the world in 2022.

Moving on into what’s to come in early 2022,

After the shocking year everyone had gone through with the strictest lockdowns in the world (yes we heard the helicopters flying over homes at night too), we can say we are expecting bright & better times ahead.


A question we always get asked is “what products will we see next year”?

Whenever we have something new, we have always been “hush hush” about until last minute, 2022 we are changing it up with no more hush hush as we have decided to shine some light as to what we are working on.

2022 is going to be a very interesting & exciting year for us as we have ALLOT of new chemicals! We broke some hearts this year (LOL) as we really raised the bar & set a new standard in fragrance options in 2021. In 2022 that bar & standard is going even higher as our selection of fragrance options is going to get a lot bigger, plus you will also see the durability & quality of our other chemicals get even bigger & better! 

Some early sneak peaks you can expect to see from us early-mid 2022 are:

  • A new line up of some very marvellous fragrances that are truly unique & special (half of these will be released in late Jan & the other half later down the line).
  • A Complete Inner Edition range of air fresheners (1 more timeless classic that you can expect before March if all goes to plan).
  • A larger & more “complete” range of chemicals from our Outer Edition series & you will also see our “Nano-Tech” series evolve into a simple system that works phenomenally well & makes sense (allot more chemicals dedicated for both ends of the spectrum).
  • A few new specialized interior & exterior chemicals in mid-2022 (we mean truly specialized for even the most delicate surfaces & finishes).
  • A new motorsports helmet & gear fragrance option that everyone has been hounding us for since the smash hit of Revitalize.
  • Last but certainly not the least, you will see a very exclusive collaboration that will make heads turn & jaws drop when the time comes (Nostalgia is all we can hint at this point)!

This is just an early sneak peek into some of the new products/chemicals we have lined up for early-mid 2022, we are going through the final summer testing stages to ensure our Potions stack up against Aussie weather all year round! We have many more products up our sleeves going later in 2022 & right into 2023 (some of which will be small production runs that are hand brewed from start to finish).

We hope to see our Potions stocked in more specialized detailing stores across Australia in 2022!

Our online store is still open & accepting orders, though we are not shipping any online orders out until the 14/01 & our HQ’s will re-open on the 15/01.

For now, we are taking a much needed & extended break, we truly thank everyone & wish everyone a safe & enjoyable Merry Christmas & Happy New year with friends, families & loved ones.

Over & out for 2021!

Kind Regards,

Chris & The Boys @ Platinum Potions

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