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If you have had the chance to catch up on our blog you would be aware that you can “mix n match” our Potions to your likings. Moving onto the next affair “BLACKCURRENT TAKEOVER”, Rosie dares you to experiment with this one as the final results can be rewarding.

With our 2 most popular fragrances we spent a bit of time messing around with this one as it was somewhat tricky finding the right ratio to mimic the scent of juicy blackcurrants, though with Rosie’s persistence we found the perfect ratio to be between 20-25% Sweet Melon Burst (Watermelon) & 75-80% Wild Bubba Licious (Bubble-gum).

What this leaves you with is a car smelling like someone has been squashing juicy blackcurrants deep into your carpets. When it’s a cool day outside you will experience cool & refreshing blackcurrants & when it’s scorcher outside you will experience very sweet & juicy blackcurrants.

Playing around with the ratios will give you very different results, we suggest you avoid the 50/50 blend with this one as it just doesn’t work, though if you flip the Rosie’s ratios around to 20-25% bubble-gum & 75-80% watermelon you will get a somewhat kick-arse watermelon candy.

As always before using our Potions on your carpets make sure you vacuum your carpets & upholstery properly. In addition if it’s the very first time you’re using our Potions in your car make sure you apply a medium to heavy coat (very first time) & close the doors and windows straight after for a solid 30 minutes to let our potions sink into your carpets & work their magic! 

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