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"The Citrus Explosion!"

If you had read up on our last blog (“The mix n match affair”) you would know that our Potions can be blended at home by yourself. Our last blog mentioned that Jungle Cherry Bomb mixed with Ice Cream Holiday leaves you with a warm cherry pie laced with vanilla custard. 

Moving onto the latest affair “The citrus explosion”,

The name says it all, but this is something special, imagine a citrus explosion without the “zesty lemon smell”. Your ride will start to smell like your favourite juice bar on steroids leaving your passengers guessing exactly what fruits where used.

All you need to do is blend our famous “Lush Sour Kiss” with our number 1 seller “Sweet Melon Burst” at a 50/50 blend, you can also expect the fragrance to last even longer in your car when you blend these two together.

Since our first blog about mix n match, our inbox has swarmed with people us asking if they can get an empty bottle from us.

The answer to that question is YES! Whenever you purchase through our online store, all you need to do when checking out in the comments section is ask us for an empty bottle and we will chuck one in free of charge for you.

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