BMW Owners

Premium Deodorising Air Freshener

Many BMW’s have the famous “BMW Leather Smell”, this is due to the simple fact that BMW used very high quality leather in your car. The BMW leather smell is most famous in the E30 M3 & E36 M3, some newer model like the F40 M3’s, M4’s & M5’s still have a similar leather smell to them.

Due to the high quality leather BMW has used, our Potion longevity will be reduced because the leather is always breathing/leeching. No air freshener in the market will get rid of this smell, the leather smell will always come back no matter what.

We do not in any circumstances recommend you to try & get rid of this leather smell by spraying our premium deodorising air fresheners directly onto the leather seats. The leather in your car is high quality & will always be breathing (hence the leather smell).

We recommend you spray inside your boot too as this will help the longevity of our Potions inside your car, you will notice with time your boot will have a nice strong fragrance smell (theirs no leather in their), your back seat area will have decent enough fragrance smell (as the fragrance in the boot makes its way into the back seat area) & your front seat section will not be as strong.

As much as we would love our Potions last long in these amazing cars, our hands are tied simply due to the fact BMW has used good leather.



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