Inner Edition: Nue Kar Smell 2.0

Nue Kar Smell 2.0

Premium Deodorising Air Freshener
500 mL

The Scent: That's right 2.0! This is the "new car plastiky smell" (VOC's gassing out) you have all been asking us for, this is genuinely as close as you are going to get to the "real new car smell". It is our softest smelling fragrance in our entire line-up (due to the nature of the actual smell), however it still lasts long & has the same great anti-bacterial & anti-microbial benefits as all of our other products. Be warned 2.0 is worlds apart (in potency & smell wise) from the "OG" Nue Kar Smell (which is staying).

$ 19.95

$ 19.95

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