Private Labelling

Private Labelling

***We have been swamped trying to keep up with demand with our own line of products & current contracts in place for other companies in Australia. We are no longer taking on any new contracts until further notice*** 

We can offer a key-turn solution for your business. You get to choose everything when working with us, not what’s given to you.

With our private labelling services (aka: contract manufacturing) you have accesses to a proper manufacturer (us) & chemists (us again) with real knowledge that can help your business save time & money by getting your products to market safely, quickly & reliably.

When using us, your products will be manufactured to Australian consumer standards, tested in 3rd party certified laboratories to ensure safety & compliance before bulk production, products labelled to GHS guidelines, filling volumes that exceed NMI standards, register each one of your products with the poisons hotline & finally provide your business with a safety data sheet for each product.

You can bring us your very own formulation, packaging (bottles, lids, labels) & we can source all the ingredients then go from there (or we can supply you packaging). Depending on your budget we can also make your business a chemical from scratch. We aren’t just limited to car care chemicals, we cater a wide variety of industries as we are chemists & chemical manufacturers, though our limit does stop at human consumption products (drinks, foods, medicines & other human consumption/human usage products) as we aren’t setup for those industries.

Keep note of the following:

  1. We do not offer our own branded chemicals (Platinum Potions) for re-labelling for your brand
  2. We do not sell & supply "RAW" ingredients on their own for you to use in your own formulations
  3. We will not & do not re-bottle other companies finished chemicals (we are not a re-bottling company)

For more information & to discuss further details, please contact us via email.

Private Labelling