Here at Platinum Potions, we pride ourselves in being proudly Australian made, researching & developing new products, testing, manufacturing & complying our products for consumer safety & satisfaction all in-house. We ensure our products are safe to use & comply with Australian consumer safety standards & all other governing regulating bodies in Australia (meaning our products are safe to use as instructed & you will never be short changed with our products).

As we are the manufacturer of our own products, & NOT rebottling other companies "finished chemicals", we are under much stricter rules, regulations & scrutiny. All of our products are complied to Australian consumer standards, our labels are in-line with GHS guidelines & regulations, our filling methods are in-line with NMI guidelines & regulations, all of our products are registered with the Poisons Information Centre & Work Health & Safety (WHS) to ensure appropriate, legal safety & compliance for consumers.

All of our mass manufacturing (mixing, bottling, labelling, testing and compliance) is conducted in-house at our Sydney factory, ensuring that quality is never compromised. In addition, third party testing & certification is carried out by an independent laboratory that is NATA, GMP & ISO 17025 accredited from time to time to guarantee that we remain on top of Australia’s high quality control standards & that you receive a quality assured product.

We remain fully committed & are fully transparent with everyone about our products & what we do, we have safety data sheets (SDS) for every single product we manufacture in house. If you would like a copy of a particular SDS, please contact us & we will email you a copy of the SDS you require.

We are more than happy to have a discussion with anyone about our products, we can answer general & technical questions in regards to our products & we can also answer other questions about uncertainty with something that may be stated or listed on our SDS's as we do understand that SDS's can be very hard to interpret.