Who We Are

Who We Are

Unveiling the Essence of Platinum Potions:

At Platinum Potions, authenticity isn't just a virtue; it's our driving force!

We proudly stand as Australia’s leading-edge manufacturer of premium deodorising air fresheners and car care detailing products. Established in 2017 by a small team of devoted car enthusiasts, our mission has been crystal clear: provide the global automotive community and businesses with the highest quality car detailing products on the market.

Passionate Pioneers: Born from the love, passion and desire of car aficionados, Platinum Potions was forged by a team sharing a vision of delivering quality over quantity. No back-yard shed brewing here; our foundation is rooted in years of chemical engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Global Recognition: We transcend borders, crafting products that set new industry-leading standards in the detailing world. No clichéd 'buzz-words' or imitation; we're driven by genuine passion and a commitment to pushing boundaries.

Obsessed with Quality: Our entire team has a sickening obsession with keeping our most prized possessions looking clean and smelling fresh!

Many of the most ionic sports, luxury and exotic cars rolling the streets today have been long discontinued, these cars are starting to show their age and deterioration to the elements with time. As new cars are showing questionable durability, we quickly understood the importance of safely cleaning, maintaining and protecting every surface inside and out of your car while preserving the OEM look, touch and feel.

Rest assure that the ‘good is cheap, cheap is good mentality’ is thrown out the window with us. When we formulate a product for a particular application, we want it to exceed your expectations (under-promise and over-deliver).

Beyond Automotive: We aren’t confined to cars; our products proudly extend beyond the realm of automotive to various industries including aviation, maritime, motorsports, and even your home, office, and commercial spaces.

Who We Are