What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

There is nothing cheap about what we do!

We believe in quality over quantity, our customer feedback & loyalty speaks for itself.

We only use the highest & most pure grades of raw ingredients that can be found, we don’t believe in low grade quality ingredients, we only use the highest & most pure grades possible such as USP, BP, Pharma & Technical grade ingredients.

We research, develop, test & test & test & keep on testing & keep on revising our chemicals all year round to ensure you only get the best of the best quality & experience when using our products.

All of our manufacturing (R&D, mixing, bottling, labeling, testing & compliance) is done all under one roof in house by ourselves in our factory. The only 3rd party we use is a certified independent lab as we do send sample batches to ensure & verify we remain on top of our very own high QC standards. Our labeling is on par with GHS guidelines, our filling methods are on par with NMI (National Measurement Institute of Australia) regulations & guidelines & finally our products are registered with the Poisons Information Centre.

In addition we try our very best to support the Australian manufacturing sector as:

  • All of our labels are printed locally in Australia.
  • All of our bottles are blow molded locally in Australia.
  • 95% of our raw ingredients used are sourced from Australian suppliers.

We are extremely environmentally conscious as we don’t want to kill off the environment. We try our absolute best to be as eco-friendly as we possibly can. We have perfected a manufacturing process that allows us to have minimum wastage from batch to batch, which we don’t spill down the waterways, (we use the wastage in our own cars as that’s how good our products are). We are also able to have extremely minimal release of vapors being released into the atmosphere due to the method we blend & fill our chemicals.

In addition to being as eco-friendly as possible we:

  • Print on 50% recycled paper.
  • Use PET bottles that are fully re-usable & recyclable.
  • Use biodegradable tape when possible.
  • Use continuous ink tank printers as opposed to cartridge style ink jet printers.
What We Do