What We Do

What We Do

We know you love your car, that’s why you are here, and we do too! That’s why you can be confident & at ease that when purchasing Platinum Potions products, they have been put through the most rigorous R&D, testing & proper compliance before being released to the public.

At Platinum Potions, we pride ourselves on giving customers access to a comprehensive range of Australian made premium quality automotive detailing products across various categories, including:

  • Deodorising Air fresheners
  • Dedicated Interior Chemicals
  • Specialised Exterior Chemicals

We supply our products not just to some of the best detailing & automotive businesses & suppliers in Australia, but we also supply our products all over the world with the inception of Platinum Potions USA via our American Distributor (Parks Car Care).

Our products usually tend to surprise many users’ expectations in quality, performance, packaging, price, originality, creativity, innovation & customer service as everything you see from us are our creations & ideas put forward into the real world. We are are producing our products in mass volume in a state of the art manufacturing facility using only the highest and most pure grades of raw ingredients available such as ACS grade, Reagent grade, USP/BP grade, NF grade & lab grade ingredients (thus bringing you a finished premium quality product).

All of our manufacturing (mixing, bottling, labelling, testing and compliance) is conducted in-house in our Sydney factory, ensuring that quality is never compromised. Third party certification is carried out by an independent laboratory to guarantee that we remain on top of Australia’s high quality control standards. Our labelling and filling methods are in-line with GHS and NMI guidelines and regulations, and our products are registered with the Poisons Information Centre to ensure appropriate compliance.

We research, develop, refine, test and re-test all year round to ensure that our customers get the finest & highest quality experience when using our products. In addition, we are proud supporters of the Australian manufacturing sector, with all labels and bottles made locally and 99% of our raw ingredients sourced from Australian suppliers.

The environment is very important to us, we have learnt to become very environmentally conscious by meticulously perfecting a manufacturing process that allows us to have minimum wastage and minimum release of vapours into the atmosphere. Our other eco-friendly measures include:

  • Printing on 50% recycled paper
  • Use of fully recyclable PET bottles & 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) bottles
  • Use of biodegradable tape
  • Use of continuous ink tank printers as opposed to cartridge style ink jet printers

For these reasons and more, Platinum Potions is proud to be an industry leader by setting the trends, raising the bar & setting new industry leading standards in car care chemical manufacturing across Australia.

What We Do