What We Do

What We Do

Welcome to Platinum Potions – where your love for your car meets our dedication to excellence. Your confidence in choosing our products is well-placed, as each product undergoes rigorous research, development, and testing before gracing the market.

At Platinum Potions, we take pride in providing customers with an extensive selection of premium, Australian-made automotive detailing products. Our offerings span various categories, including deodorising air fresheners, dedicated interior chemicals, and specialised exterior chemicals

Our reach extends beyond national borders, supplying top-tier detailing and automotive businesses not only across Australia but worldwide through Platinum Potions USA, managed by our esteemed American Distributor, Parks Car Care.

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised, as our products consistently surpass expectations in quality, performance, packaging, price, originality, creativity, innovation, and customer service. Every creation emanates from our ideas, carefully brought to life in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We use only the highest possible grades of raw ingredients, ensuring a finished product of unmatched quality.

To explore our dedication further, visit our compliance page here. Our commitment is year-round, with continuous research, development, refinement, and extensive testing to ensure our customers enjoy the finest and highest-quality experience.

We proudly champion the Australian manufacturing sector, sourcing 99% of our raw ingredients from local suppliers and producing labels and bottles locally. Environmental consciousness is integral to our ethos, with measures such as printing on recycled paper, using fully recyclable PET bottles, incorporating biodegradable tape, and employing continuous ink tank printers for minimal environmental impact.

Platinum Potions isn't just a brand; it's an industry leader setting trends, raising the bar, and establishing new standards in the car care chemical manufacturing industry across Australia

What We Do