Using Our Potions

Our Potions cover a wide variety of industries including automotive, motorsports, marine, aviation, business, commercial and household.

Our premium deodorising air fresheners can be used anywhere that has carpet present and our other premium chemicals are specialised uses only (leather, vinyl, plastic, glass, fabrics, rubber, wheels and paintwork).

Of course you can, you can use it anywhere that has carpet, however being the nature of such an open area the fragrance will fade away quicker compared to using it in the car. However if you have children or pets around the house or office we recommend not to use our product as the little ones and pets like to crawl around on the floor.

We strongly recommend you throw away any rubbish in your car, give the interior a good wipe down and vacuum your carpets and floor mats very well (and yes remove your floor mats as there is usually crap under them too).

Once you have cleaned the inside of your car, spray 7-10 sprays onto each section of your carpet/floor mats, then close your doors and windows for a minimum of 30 minutes. We suggest you apply a second layer and close your doors and windows for another 30mins. This is to allow our Potions to deeply penetrate into your carpets/floor mats and work their magic on them. We also suggest you do this in cooler weather. 

After the first application you can re-apply as needed. Be careful to NOT spray our Potions on your pedals as they may become slippery when you try to operate your vehicle. Do not run your HVAC (air-con) system on recirculate when you first apply our Potions for at least 1 hour.

We strongly advise you do not spray our Potions directly onto your roof linings under any circumstances as our Potions may soften up the glue holding the fabric roof lining in place. If your seats are fabric (not suede) then you can our Potions on them with no issues.

We strongly advise against using our Potions if babies and children will be playing on carpet as our Potions may cause their skin to have an allergic reaction.

We have NEVER tested our products on animals and never will. We suggest you don’t use Platinum Potions if you constantly have animals in your car or house as this may make them sick and un-comfortable. 

NO, doing this will make your cabin filter loose its electrostatic charge (thus making your cabin filter useless) and will smell funny when you turn on your HVAC system (as all that dust that was captured electrostatically is now passing through your air vents).

Here’s a blog that we wrote up about this: here


As you all know cars get VERY hot when parked under the sun, with how strong our Aussie sun is, the heat will make our Potions evaporate through the trigger system in no time at all.

Using Our Potions