How should I first use Platinum Potions in my car?

Premium Deodorising Air Freshener

We strongly recommend you throw away any rubbish in your car, give the interior a good wipe down & vacuum your carpets & floor mats very well (& yes remove your floor mats as there is usually crap under them too).

Once you have cleaned the inside of your car, spray 7-10 sprays onto each section of your carpet/floor mats & then close your doors & windows for a minimum of 30 minutes. We suggest you apply a second layer & close your doors & windows for another 30mins. This is to allow our Potions to deeply penetrate into your carpets/floor mats & work their magic on them. We also suggest you do this in cooler weather. 

After the first application you can re-apply as needed. Be careful to NOT spray our Potions on your pedals as they may become slippery when you try to operate your vehicle. Do not run your HVAC (air-con) system on recirculate when you first apply our Potions for at least 1 hour.



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