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Issues with fragrance longevity?

It is very rare that we have someone experience issues with longevity when it comes to our premium deodorising air fresheners. If you are having troubles, read through this, as 99% of the time the key points below resolve any issues you may be having.

We spent years in R&D & are always constantly pushing the limits of our formulations to make them better. Below are a few simply things that may truly help you resolve issues you may be experiencing with longevity before you contact us.

As simple as it sounds, some people don’t read the instructions we have on our products, following these simple instructions usually sorts out 99% of the longevity issues some people may experience.

Follow the picture instructions on the back of the label. You must vacuum your carpets & remove any rubbish and smelly items before spraying our potions to ensure you can get the most from our potions. If you are spraying our Potions directly on-top of dirty floor mats, then expect the fragrance not to last long.

2-3 sprays in your entire car will NOT give the full effect of our Potions. Our Potions need to deeply penetrate your carpets & floor mats in order for them to work their magic. Ensure you are spraying 7-10 sprays on each section of your carpets & floor mats. Once done ensure you close your doors & windows immediately after spraying (so they can work their magic). Next time you go to clean & vacuum your carpets, you will notice our fragrances will start to come back to life.

We aren’t joking about this, if you’re interior is in not so great condition, we strongly suggest you give it a good & deep clean, not for our sake but for your own health. Yes our Potions will eliminate the bad odours & freshen up your interior, however it won’t be for long before our fragrance odour fighting properties fade out & that ugly smell returns back.

Some examples of things that can be often overlooked include:

- Dried up mud & sand embedded in the carpet

- Weeks’ worth of fast food rubbish & food scraps laying under their seats

- Cigarette ash all over the interior & under the seats with cigarette butts in the cup holder

- Dirty work clothing in the boot/back seat

- Open gym bags with boxing gear in the back seat

- Phlegm on windshields & speedo clusters (yep we’ve seen this)

- Old stale coffee cups & empty soda cans

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit a mess inside your car once in a while but to keep the mess there for an unreasonable amount of time is a self-explanatory reason as to why our Potions may not last long in these conditions.

Dirty &/or worn carpets & floor mats will shorten fragrance longevity, we suggest as always you give your carpets & floor mats a good vacuum before spraying any air fresheners onto them & if they are really dirty, we suggest deep cleaning them & let them dry out properly.

However, if your floor mats are thin, ripped & have holes in them, we say it’s time to replace them with a new set as your current/old set have served their purpose.

In some very rare cases you may be unable to smell our fragrances after a short time, you may be experiencing sensory adaption (nose-blindness). In simple it just means your sense of smell is temporarily limited/blocked or has gotten so used to a particular fragrance right to the point where you can’t smell it anymore.

To confirm if you are in fact experiencing this issue, get someone else to smell your car & see if they can smell it. If they can indeed smell our fragrance & you can’t, we can only suggest to wait it out for a few days & see if you can smell it again after that.

Certain chemicals are harsh & have their own “smell” to them, wet vacuuming & pressure washing your floor mats after using these harsh chemicals sometimes isn’t enough to get that chemical smell out of your floor mats. The two most common ones we find are:

- All-purpose cleaners (Containing Solvents & Acids)

- Carpet stain remover/cleaners (Containing Peroxides, Solvents & Acids)

If the “chemical smell” is still their after using these types of cleaners (even after they feel dry), any air freshener (including pure perfume) will be severely impacted in terms of fragrance longevity. We have tested this time & time again & as soon as people stop using cheap & nasty APC’s, the fragrance longevity comes back.

If you need to deep clean your floor mats we strongly suggest you use a fabric cleaner that is un-fragranced (such as our Fabric Cleanse). If you spray our Potions on top of harsh chemicals that have their own chemical smell to them, then do expect fragrance longevity to fade off much quicker. The reason for this is that many APC’s & some carpet cleaners use acids, solvents & peroxides, sometimes you’ll even see your windows inside fog right up after using these.

If you need to perform a wet vac to your floor mats, yes our Potions will minimise mould growth when drying out, however we strongly recommend you ensure your floor mats are fully dried out after cleaning. We find 2 days out in the sun on a hot summers day does the trick (longer during winter) & most importantly use a dedicated carpet cleaner that doesn’t contain solvents, acids or peroxides such as our Fabric Cleanse.

If you can smell anything remotely wet, damp, moisture like or wet musky, this usually means water is inside your car & you need to find out exactly where it’s coming from as mould can easily grow if you don’t intervene.

Firstly if you have performed a “wet vac” to your interior, we strongly recommend you open your doors & windows to let your car air out & continue to dry vac as much water out as you can. Then follow-up with our Potions (our potions help fight mould too).

If you have not performed a wet vac, check to see if your carpets are wet, if they are wet, you need to find out where the water has come from (usually a window or sunroof left open in the rain or a rubber seal/grommet that’s cracked, missing or not installed properly). Once you locate the source of leakage, fix it!
Then pending on how wet your carpet is, you could possibly get away with dry vacuuming your carpets, in worse cases where your carpet is soaking wet, we then recommend you take it to a professional so they completely strip out, clean & dry your interior asap before you run into bigger problems.

Many cars out on the roads have had the unlucky event of ending up at a smash repairer. Some body shops won’t replace or forget to replace rubber seals & grommets. We have seen in some instances that the seals/grommets haven’t been installed correctly.

In some cases you may experience smells from the engine bay or outside coming into your car (not good for your health) which will affect the longevity of our Potions. We suggest you simply check all rubber/silicone seals & grommets around your doors & door hinges, boot/truck area & the firewall in the engine bay. You don’t need anything except your eyes to check these things.

Most people who are experiencing this issue quickly find that a grommet is missing or one that hasn’t been put back into place properly. Once the grommet/seal is back in place properly/replaced, that fixes their problems with outside odours coming into their car (which effects our fragrance longevity).

It’s a bad habit & we all know it, some people still do enjoy smoking a cigarette in their car & hey, it’s a free country, it’s your car & we don’t judge.

Depending on how much you smoke inside your car will affect the fragrance longevity of any air freshener (as anyone can expect). However our Potions actually shine the most in smokers cars as our Potions constantly eliminate that “smoke smell” for a solid 2-3 weeks (even though the fragrance has faded right off), whilst yes fragrance may be knocked out within a week in some smokers car, the odour eliminating properties of our Potions work very well & continue to work well after the fragrance has faded off.

Our Potions are not designed to be used in vehicles that have rubber, plastic, leather or vinyl floor mats as these materials are always leeching VOC’s, these types of floor mats will always have their unique smells to them (rubbery/plastic) & our Potions will not be able to get rid of their smell. Due to this we do not recommend our premium deodorising air fresheners for these applications if fragrance longevity is what you are chasing.

If you still insist to spray under the seats instead, do keep note that our fragrance longevity will be severely reduced simply due to the fact there is not enough carpet “real-estate” for our Potions to penetrate & that these types of floor mats will always leeching out VOC’s.

If you own an AMG, then you will most likely be well aware of the “AMG smell” in some of the older Mercs (most famous in the W204 C63 AMG). Mercedes has used a cavity wax inside the seams of these cars, the cavity waxed was used to help create better insulation & sound proofing inside your car.

No matter how much you spray our Potions, the AMG smell will always come back simply due to the fact theirs cavity wax under your carpet, no air freshener or odour bomb in the market will get rid of that AMG smell. Some of our fragrances might only last a day or two if the cavity wax smell is strong, whilst others can last up to a week, sometimes more.

Moving on, some newer model Mercedes Benz actually have a MB branded air freshener in the glove box, if you do have one of these cars you will need to remove the MB air freshener before spraying our Potions as the 2 different fragrances clashing with each other may make an unpleasant smell. As much as we would love our Potions to last long in these amazing cars, our hands are tied.

Many BMW’s have the famous “BMW Leather Smell”, this is due to the simple fact that BMW used very high quality leather in your car. The BMW leather smell is most famous in the E30 M3 & E36 M3, some newer model like the F40 M3’s, M4’s & M5’s still have a similar leather smell to them.

Due to the high quality leather BMW has used, our Potion fragrance longevity will be reduced because the leather is always breathing/leeching. No air freshener in the market will get rid of this smell, the leather smell will always come back no matter what.

We do not in any circumstances recommend you to try & get rid of this leather smell by spraying our premium deodorising air fresheners directly onto the leather seats. The leather in your car is high quality & will always be breathing (hence the leather smell).

We recommend you spray inside your boot too as this will help the longevity of our Potions inside your car, you will notice with time your boot will have a nice strong fragrance smell (theirs no leather in their), your back seat area will have decent enough fragrance smell (as the fragrance in the boot makes its way into the back seat area) & your front seat section will not be as strong.

As much as we would love our Potions last long in these amazing cars, our hands are tied simply due to the fact BMW has used good leather.