Engine bay & outside smells coming into your car

Premium Deodorising Air Freshener

Many cars out on the roads have had the unlucky event of ending up at a smash repairer. Some body shops won’t replace or forget to replace rubber seals & grommets. We have seen in some instances that the seals/grommets haven’t been installed correctly.

In some cases you may experience smells from the engine bay or outside coming into your car (not good for your health) which will affect the longevity of our Potions. We suggest you simply check all rubber/silicone seals & grommets around your doors & door hinges, boot/truck area & the firewall in the engine bay. You don’t need anything except your eyes to check these things.

Most people who are experiencing this issue quickly find that a grommet is missing or one that hasn’t been put back into place properly. Once the grommet/seal is back in place properly/replaced, that fixes their problems with outside odours coming into their car (which effects our fragrance longevity).


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