Mercedes Benz Owners

Premium Deodorising Air Freshener

If you own an AMG, then you will most likely be well aware of the “AMG smell” in some of the older Mercs (most famous in the W204 C63 AMG). Mercedes has used a cavity wax inside the seams of these cars, the cavity waxed was used to help create better insulation & sound proofing inside your car.

No matter how much you spray our Potions, the AMG smell will always come back simply due to the fact theirs cavity wax under your carpet, no air freshener or odour bomb in the market will get rid of that AMG smell. Some of our fragrances might only last a day or two if the cavity wax smell is strong, whilst others can last up to a week, sometimes more.

Moving on, some newer model Mercedes Benz actually have a MB branded air freshener in the glove box, if you do have one of these cars you will need to remove the MB air freshener before spraying our Potions as the 2 different fragrances clashing with each other may make an unpleasant smell. As much as we would love our Potions to last long in these amazing cars, our hands are tied.


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