Read the Instructions

Premium Deodorising Air Freshener

As simple as it sounds, some people don’t read the instructions we have on our products, following these instructions usually sorts out 99% of the longevity issues some people may experience.

Follow the picture instructions on the back of the label. You must vacuum your carpets & remove any rubbish and smelly items before spraying our potions to ensure you can get the most from our potions. If you are spraying our Potions directly on-top of filthy & dirty floor mats then expect them not to last long.

2-3 sprays in your entire car will NOT give the full effect of our Potions. Our Potions need to deeply penetrate your carpets & floor mats in order for them to work their magic. Ensure you are spraying 7-10 sprays on each section of your carpets & floor mats. Once done ensure you close your doors & windows immediately after spraying (so they can work their magic). Next time you go to clean & vacuum your carpets, you will notice our fragrances will start to come back to life.



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