Its such a amazing product. i cant wait to get different types, great service
I highly recommend it to anyone

Adrian S.

A genuine and honest business with great smelling car fragrances that do it all.

Anthony H.

Amazing customer service.
Huge range.
Prompt delivery.
Well packaged.
Great looking labels with detailed instructions.
Environmentally conscious.
A product that actually does what it claims.
Rare to find businesses like these!!!
Thanks guys, can't wait to get my next order!!

Cammo V.

Great to deal with. Amazing scents that last. Can’t wait for my next order to arrive

Chris R.

Great products and great service. Clients are very happy and so am I.

Chris I.

These are absolutely killer in scent and odour eliminating
Service and delivery is on point too

Casey H.

I first heard, or smelt , of Platinum Potion when I got into my friends car and smelt the Lush sour kiss. It was 10x better than any other car fragrance I had ever smelt.
I immediately went online and bought my first bottle and haven't looked back.
Since then they have released, Revitalise, which I use in my motorbike gear, my gokart gear and my race suit. Keeps them smelling great whilst also minimising the frequency of the washing/cleaning of the gear which can sometimes be difficult between all 3 hobbies!

Graeme I.

From great customer service, to amazing Australian Made products - Platinum Potions certainly make the best air fresheners. Just a simple spray on to your carpets, and it eliminates any bad odours. Highly recommend!

Jay H.

I used to revitalise in my helm and all my motorbike gear, this stuff works amazing !! Cant wait to grab more

Thomas H.

awesome delivery and service by all

Tom S.

The smell of these potions are amazing, takes a creative mind to formulate these delicious flavors. I tried the sweet melon burst flavor and couldnt get enough of the smell, i cant wait to try the other flavors. Would definitely recommend!

Natasia R.

These guys are so easy to communicate with no matter what the circumstances are, whether they're bad or good they never fail to make sure you're happy at the end of the day. I bought 3 platinum potions and can honestly say they are my go to from now on whenever In need of fresheners.

Khoda Z.

Great customer service and awesome products! Keep it up!

William L.

That vanilla ice creams is amazing!
Picked it up today at tuned/downshift here’s guys

Yo Y.

I’ve been using their products for around about half a year and I can’t complain about how good the cars smell after using them

Christopher W.

These products are amazing, smells last for ages and the variety is incredible. Plus the guys are such friendly people, I’m keen on getting some more at the next meet

Jarryd O.

Great product and amazing scents! 10/10 recommend!

Nathan W.

Picked up a wild bubba licious yesterday from downshift x tuned event. Smells so good i wanna eat the air odour is strong but not too strong and lasts ages( mates got one). Highly recommend buying and trying for yourself as ill definetly be buying more in the future

Topher A.

I recently tried the out the Ice cream holiday and was pleasantly surprised. The product was very easy to use and provided a long lasting vanilla scent that wasn't overpowering. Highly recommended.

Tremayne B.

Better then any other air fresheners reasonably priced and a wide variety to choose from. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Cooper S.

Best smelling fragrances around 10 out of 10 my customers love it

Alick T.

Made my order on sunday received them the two days later there line of scents smells great and my girlfriend also approves

William H.
I got the vanilla scent sprayed 2 sprays in the car and love it. Everytime I get in the car it is the same smell. Lasts ages also
5 stars
Marius P.

I picked up a cherry and vanilla from these guys, I blended both of them and OMG my car now smells like a cherry cheesecake factory!
Everyone who hops in my car is in love with the smell. I can't wait to blend other fragrances these guys have!
10/10 air freshener that lasts a long time!

Michael R.

Currently using JUNGLE CHERRY BOMB .Keen to try other scents available.
Love it!!!!

Jerriel P.

This stuff is amazing!! Picked a couple of bottles up at world time attack and im happy to say my car now smells AMAZING! 11/10 Would reccomend!

Tayla F.

I purchased lush sour kiss online, my car smells amazing and lasts ages, I tried heaps of other air fresheners but Platinum Potions crushes them all.
I can't wait to try the other fragrances they have.

Mathew H.
Love this Australian made deodoriser! Scent is rich in tones (Especially Cherry Bomb) and starts to last even longer the more you use it. Tested on my personal car along with our work truck. Both vehicles smell amazing regardless of their adventures!
Thank you for such an amazing product, unlike anything i tried on the market!
Vads B.

I just want to say a big Thankyou to Platinum Potions for my amazing products. Friendly customer service & fast shipping , if there was 10 star ratings you guys defiantly deserve it. I want one of every flavour now

Tayla J.

Ice cream holiday is like a real holiday everytime I get in!

Martin R.

This stuff is amazing never seen anything like it in Australia before! Smells great and lasts forever

David M.
Tadhg O.