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“The mix n match affair where you make your own scents from our Potions”

What is this you ask?

Did you know that you can mix n match our Potions! Yep that’s right, you can mix n match them to your likings. There’s a reason behind this that our mad scientist Rosie thought of.

We will start off with our love it or hate it Potion “Jungle Cherry Bomb”.


Yes that’s right, cherry has always been a smell that people either love it or completely hate it. We have heard that the smell of cherries remind some people of cough syrup, (that’s not to say our cherry mix smells like cough syrup, people who once could not stand the smell of cherries have fallen in love with Jungle Cherry Bomb).

Though still there will always be some people who just don’t like the smell of fresh cherries plain and simple.

During a car meet & trade show we had a couple come up to us & checkout our Potions. One of them said “I love the cherry but I’m not a fan of vanilla” whilst their other half said “I love the vanilla but I’m not a fan of cherry”.

It was a catch 22 for the couple!

Our big friendly giant “Chris” (who is at most trade shows) told the couple “why don’t you spray both cherry & vanilla in the car”. The couple looked at each other like it was love at first sight, grabbed a bottle each & rushed over to their car.

About 20 minutes later the couple came rushing over with a smile so big (as if it was the joy of passing their red P’s driving exam after 8 failed attempts). The next words that where said to our BFG (Chris) was “We want more, shut up and take our money now”!

Our mad scientist Rosie purposely made the Potions the way they are so that they can be mixed n matched to anyone’s likings if you’re not a fan of stand-alone scents, (that’s not to say our Potions are stand-alone).

People who simply did not like the smell of cherries had quickly fallen in love with the blend of Jungle Cherry Bomb & Ice Cream Holiday.

Rosie recommends mixing Jungle Cherry Bomb and Ice Cream Holiday at a 50/50 blend to get a feel for it first then adjust to your likings.

You can quite simply spray one fragrance on your carpets, let it seep in and dry for 20mins, then spray the other fragrance and let that seep in and dry for another 20mins then be on your way.


You can be adventurous by mixing up & matching our Potions at different ratios (in a separate bottle & then you end up with cool looking colours) then you will have your own fragrance that is customised to your likings. This will surely keep your passengers guessing what scent is in the car every time they hop in!

“So what does Jungle Cherry Bomb & Ice Cream Holiday smell like when their mixed & matched?”

It’s honestly quite hard to explain the scents as your nose becomes overwhelmed with fragrances you have never been smelt before. Though on a 40/60 blend of cherry & vanilla, we can say that the top notes remind us of a warm cherry pie laced with fresh vanilla custard. As for the bottom notes we will leave that for you to find out.

On a final note, when you mix & match our Potions, you can expect them to last even longer in your car!

We will follow up this blog with our next besties that love to be mixed & matched!

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