Rubber, Vinyl, Leather & Plastic Floor Mats

Premium Deodorising Air Freshener

Our Potions are not designed to be used in vehicles that have rubber, plastic, leather or vinyl floor mats as these materials are always leeching VOC’s, these types of floor mats will always have their unique smells to them (rubbery/plastic) & our Potions will not be able to get rid of their smell. Due to this we do not recommend our premium deodorising air fresheners for these applications if fragrance longevity is what you are chasing.

If you still insist to spray under the seats instead, do keep note that our fragrance longevity will be severely reduced simply due to the fact there is not enough carpet “real-estate” for our Potions to penetrate & that these types of floor mats will always leeching out VOC’s.


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