Wet / Moisture/ Musky Smell

Premium Deodorising Air Freshener

If you can smell anything remotely wet, damp, moisture like or wet musky, this usually means water is inside your car & you need to find out exactly where it’s coming from as mould can easily grow if you don’t intervene.

Firstly if you have performed a “wet vac” to your interior, we strongly recommend you open your doors & windows to let your car air out & continue to dry vac as much water out as you can. Then follow-up with our Potions (our potions help fight mould too).

If you have not performed a wet vac, check to see if your carpets are wet, if they are wet, you need to find out where the water has come from (usually a window or sunroof left open in the rain or a rubber seal/grommet that’s cracked, missing or not installed properly). Once you locate the source of leakage, fix it!
Then pending on how wet your carpet is, you could possibly get away with dry vacuuming your carpets, in worse cases where your carpet is soaking wet, we then recommend you take it to a professional so they completely strip out, clean & dry your interior asap before you run into bigger problems.


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